Welcome to the blog for, me,  Boomer the Thai Ridgeback Dog.

I reside in central Florida with my master, his lady and my little brother, Jedi the Shih Tzu.

I enjoy trips to the dog park, long walks on the beach, boating + fishing and especially pork rib bones.

I am currently single (and looking), athletic build and the strong, silent type.

Comments are open so feel free to leave one if you so wish.  Keep in mind I do moderate this site and if there are any inappropriate comments left, I may be forced to come over and kick  your a$$.  At the minimum I will pee on your yard, trees and vegetation.

If you wish to send me some mail there is a “Contact Boomer” tab that will allow you do so.

That being said, let’s please keep it civil and I bid you a good day.

With regards,


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